A hotel patio caught fire due to a large blaze in the Edmonton river valley on Thursday (Apr. 27) night. 

At about 9 p.m. fire crews were called after reports of the fire igniting the patio at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in downtown Edmonton, which stands directly beside the iconic Hotel Macdonald. 

"After about an hour and 15 [minutes] with a lot of hard work we were able to get it under control," said Corey Cremer, the acting fire chief on the scene. "No injuries, just a lot of damage to the courtyard patio." 

There is no official word on the extent of the damage done by the fire as it is now under investigation. 

"[There might be] a little smoke damage inside the building," added Cremer. 

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald was untouched during the incident, with only the hotel's alarms going off due to smoke from the nearby fire.