Filming has begun in Bruderheim for Sure Shot Dombrowski, The Early Years 2.
In the fifth movie for the Sure Shot franchise, producer and director Tim McKort is starring the Heartland in the latest edition.
Although his films are often screened in the United States, McKort doesn't shy away from featuring small Alberta communities.
"It's a kid coming up in this new town, making it big, he gets a little cocky at times so he has to be put in his place, there's a little bit of romance as well so I'm really looking forward to this movie," explained Nicholas Neeves, who plays Billy Dombrowski. He's hoping the experience he'll gain filming Sure Shot will help launch his Hollywood career.
A rehearsal was held Thursday evening (October 26), to give the volunteer actors a taste of what their film debut would entail.
"I'm really excited to start the filming process and see where it goes," said Kennedy Chester, one of the lead actors who has also been in previous Sure Shot Dombrowski movies. "I get a stunt double so it was good for me to meet her because I'm not that good at skating."
Filming will take place mid-November in Bruderheim with the action shifting to Fort Saskatchewan around the beginning of December.
McKort is also looking for more hockey players between the ages of 14 to 16. Those interested can send an email here.