Local police want to make sure everyone is safe over the holidays. 

The holiday season tends to be a time when people let their guard down a bit, making them more vulnerable to theft. 

Crime prevention is important during the season, especially when packages with gifts and cards have the chance to be stolen.

"Many people will spend time shopping in stores and online for the perfect gifts for their friends and family," said Constable Chantelle Kelly. "While it is easy to get caught up in the fun of it all, it is important to remember that with increased purchasing comes heightened risk of theft".

Strathcona County RCMP has released a series of tips to help protect residents, their vehicles, and their homes from potential crime.

The first is to lock up houses, sheds, and any other property. Police especially stress not leaving running vehicles unlocked. Almost half of all vehicle thefts in Alberta have had the keys left inside.

Police also suggest not leaving cell phones, papers, wallets, or purses in vehicles either. Anything valuable can be enough of an excuse for a thief to break a window.

If you plan on being away from home, the police suggest planning for someone to pick up your mail and newspapers.

Finally, if you see or suspect suspicious activity, it's best to notify the police immediately.