Growing up, my family was always up for a road trip, a fun getaway, or an adventure to someplace new. 
We enjoyed the fact that a day trip could take us to see the hoodoos in Drumheller, the beach in Sylvan Lake and the midway at Calaway Park.
Ahhhhhh the midway at Calaway Park; one place that could make everyone in my family happy. All the rides, the games, the food, a fair you could visit any time any summer.
I remember how cool it was that you actually got a map when you went through the gates. The place was huge for a bunch of kids with nothing but time. The giant swing took us so high up we could see the whole park from under our swinging feet, and then there was the train ride that took you around the park as you searched for the next ride to run to.
The day always ended up with the family on the log ride, which ended with all six of us dripping wet and exhausted from a day of fun and excitement. Soft serve on the way out as we made our way into the parking lot and filed into our 1983 Chevy, Beauville. This is what summer was all about!
I can't believe Calaway Park is celebrating 40 years this year. 
This summer, take the family on a road trip, an Alberta adventure, just for fun. Better yet... win one!
While you're entering to win a $65,000 truck with the Ram Everyday Adventure contest, you could also win the Calaway Park VIP Experience!
In early August, a lucky winner will receive a fantastic day at Calaway Park for their immediate family (including two nights accommodation at the Sheraton Cavalier). Plus, EXCLUSIVE guided use of the park for 90-minutes after close! The entire park to yourself with Calaway Park team leaders creating an exclusive experience just for your family! 
Road trips are great, but VIP road trips and possibly winning a new truck... best. Time. Ever.