Highway 63 sees an increasingly high volume of traffic due to the growing oilsands industry in the Wood Buffalo, causing potentially serious transportation-related problems. Trucks carrying large equipment can cause traffic delays, since they can be large enough to occupy two traffic lanes adding to motorists impatience.

After years of both public and political pressure, the provincial government has announced in February 2006 that it would begin twinning the entire two-lane portion of the highway to a four-lane divided standard from Atmore to just south of Fort McMurray. The twinning began in 2006 and was estimated to take at least five years to complete. After nearly eight years Highway 63 will soon be 16 kilometers closer to being completely twinned thanks to another section of four-lane traffic that opened Monday, October 19. The newly twinned segment runs from the 129 to 145 kilometer markers, and once open, will mean the twinning of Highway 63 is 99 per cent complete. Another 53 kilometers of four lane highway opened last week.

When the twinning is complete in 2016, government will have invested $1.2 billion on the twinning project. Since 2004 there has been upwards of 124 deaths on the 504 kilometer stretch of highway. For an interactive look at the dangers of the highway click HERE.