The pedestrian bridge under the new Highway 15 bridge is expected to be completed soon. 

The traffic side of the bridge was finished back in October, while work on the pedestrian bridge underneath continued until cold weather and snow delayed construction. 

At the moment, Alberta Transportation says there is only minor work left to do. 

"Some minor items on the [pedestrian] bridge will be completed by the end of July 2023," said Ashfaq Khan with Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors. 

The River Valley Alliance (RVA) is responsible for connecting the pedestrian bridge to trails on either side of the river.

Kristine Archibald, the executive director of the RVA, says work on making sure the surrounding trails are ready is well underway.

"We have already done all of the background work on that," said Archibald. "We have the contractor in place, we are just waiting for Alberta Transportation's contractor to hand over the construction site." 

While they are waiting to have full access to the site, the hope from the RVA is that they can get in a bit early to get work done around the Lamoureux side of the bridge. 

Archibald says the expectation is that the bridge will be opening up for eager trail goers soon.

"Fall 2023 is the outside date," said Archibald. "Anywhere between July 1 and October 1 is the window." 

"It's hard to pinpoint these things because of weather and you always like to forecast a little outside of what you are hoping for." 

The entirety of the Highway 15 bridge project started back in 2019 and cost the province $62.7 million while the federal government chipped in $45.3 million.