Gas prices have been fluctuating in the area recently. 

This is where to get the cheapest gas around, according to at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday (Oct. 19).

Fort Saskatchewan:

  • UFA: $1.295 per litre (plus tax)
  • Fas Gas: $1.629 per litre
  • Shell, Petro-Canada, No Frills, and CO-OP: $1.639 per litre

Sherwood Park:

  • Husky: $1.529 per litre
  • Esso: $1.579 per litre
  • Costco: $1.589 per litre


  • UFA: $1.293 per litre (plus tax)
  • Kikit & Centex: $1.569 per litre
  • Shell: $1.579 per litre

UFA and Costco require a membership to use their gas pumps.

According to GasBuddy, Ontario is the cheapest province to get gas at an average of $1.607 per litre.

British Columbia remains the highest with an average of $1.934 per litre.