For those looking to save a dollar, here's where you can find regular gas at the cheapest price in the area.

This list is according to as of 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday (Sept. 24).

Fort Saskatchewan:

  • Esso, Fas Gas and CO-OP: $1.399 per litre
  • Petro Canada: $1.439

Sherwood Park:

  • Esso: $1.299 per litre
  • Tempo: $1.328 per litre
  • Costco: $1.39 per litre


  • Costco: $1.349 per litre
  • Your Spot: $1.369 per litre
  • Multiple stations: $1.369 per litre

Costco requires a membership to use their gas pumps.

According to, Alberta is still one of the cheapest places in the country to get gas with an average cost of $1.448 per litre.

British Columbia and Manitoba have the highest prices, costing $2.069 per litre and $1.743 per litre respectively.