The Shell Theatre is set to release full details on the 2022-23 series of performances.

According to Josh Gennings, the supervisor for the Shell Theatre, local residents can expect full brochures with information on July 22 depending on their mail distribution cycle. 

“We are excited to announce our season. What you will see right now is we are slowly trickling out some shows that are coming out on all of our social media,” explained Gennings.

The Shell Theatre hosts five different series each year:

  • Professional series shows - talent from across the nation
  • Spotlight series shows - local talent
  • Special presentation series 
  • Classic albums live
  • Family series

“There is a little bit of something for everybody implied across the different series that we have offered here.”

It is possible to buy tickets to shows individually or you can buy a subscription pass that allows you access to multiple shows. The first two weeks of sales will exclusively be for the subscription pass.

With the pass, you can get 11 shows for an average show cost of $30 per show. You also will get a one-month pass to the Apple Fitness Centre and your name in a draw for an artist-signed guitar and many other perks. 

“It’s a really good deal and you will get a large variety of talent.”

Aug. 8 is when all single tickets go on sale.

The new series of performances will run from October of 2022 until April of 2023.