Here's an update on when the outdoor rink in Southfort Meadows will be open.

The project, which started in 2014, includes a fully lit outdoor rink complete with a support building and parking lot. The rink was expected to be finished by the end of 2015 but, due to a slowdown in development, construction hadn't begun until the summer of 2022.

Unfortunately, the rink isn't planned to be opened this winter.

"They're looking at pouring the concrete for the rink pad in the next week or so, and then boards will be installed around January, and there's also a support building that'll be built over the winter," said Joey Farebrother, manager of engineering for the city.

The City of Fort Saskatchewan and Strata Development have both contributed to the $2 million budget for the project. 

"The hope is to have it complete in the winter and open for spring. It's going to be a multi-use court, so basketball and other stuff like that can take place on it over the summer."

The support building will be fitted with washrooms and a skate-changing area.

Until the new rink is built, Fort Saskatchewan residents can still skate on one of the two other outdoor rinks in the city. One is located at RCMP Park in Pineview, while the other is located behind James Mowat.