The provincial election is less than two weeks away and polls have been released for the regional districts. 

These polls were put together by 338 Canada and present a snapshot of voter intentions ahead of the election. 

All the local districts are a two-horse race between the United Conservatives (UCP) and Alberta New Democrats (NDP) with some races being closer than others. 

Here is a quick look at where each district stands.

Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville


UCP: Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk (incumbent) 

NDP: Taneen Rudyk 

What do the polls say: 

Likely UCP 

It appears that Armstrong-Homeniuk is still the favourite to win re-election for the Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville district. According to the most recent polls, the UCP is projected to capture around 58 per cent of the popular vote. 

In 2019, Armstrong-Homeniuk won the nomination with 53 per cent of the votes. 

Strathcona County-Sherwood Park


UCP: Nate Glubish (incumbent)

NDP: Bill Tonita 

What do the polls say: 

Leaning UCP

Incumbent MLA Nate Glubish is holding onto a slight lead in Strathcona County-Sherwood Park. At the moment, 338 Canada projects Glubish to win around 51 per cent of the popular vote. The margin of error (8 per cent) puts the election within reach for Bill Tonita. 

If this projection holds up, it would be a tighter margin of victory for Glubish than in 2019, where he won 52 per cent of the popular vote. 

Sherwood Park


UCP: Jordan Walker (Incumbent)

NDP: Kyle Kasawski 

What do the polls say: 

Leaning NDP

The first flip of the list goes to Sherwood Park. At the moment, polls suggest that Kasawski will win around 49 per cent of the popular vote while Walker sits at 44 per cent. The difference in this difference is more support for Alberta Party candidate Sue Timanson, who is projected to receive six per cent of the popular vote. 

Surprisingly, Walker did win Sherwood Park with 44 per cent of the popular vote back in 2019. 

Morinville-St. Albert


UCP: Dale Nally (Incumbent)

NDP: Karen Shaw 

What do the polls say: 

Toss up 

We saved the most interesting race for last. At the moment, Nally does hold a very slight lead with a projected 46 per cent of the popular vote, but Shaw is hot on his heels with 44 per cent. 

Nally won the district with just over 50 per cent of the popular vote in 2019. 

It is important to note that the results of the election could vary from the predicted polls.

The election is set for May 29. To see polling for all the Alberta districts, click here