The recent heatwave that swept over the province was record-breaking.
Environment Canada keeps track of weather data from as far back as the 1880s. In that time, the Edmonton region only reached 35 C eight times, and the area hit that mark three times in the last week.
"It was certainly quite the heatwave, and there were a number of records that were set," said meteorologist Kyle Fougere.
Two daily heat records were set; one on July 28, where the region hit a high of 34.2 C and one on July 30 with a high of 37 C. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the Edmonton region is 37.2 C, which was in 1937.
Three other days made second place for the hottest daily temperature in recorded history.
The region also broke the record for the longest consecutive days above 30 C, at seven.
Lastly, as the rest of June was already fairly warm, the hot ending pushed it over the top, making last month the hottest June on record.
As for the rest of the summer, Fougere expects it to be warmer and dryer than normal. The average daytime high for this time of year is around 23 C, and the area is supposed to get above that again by the second half of the week.
"It's unlikely we're going to see a heatwave like we saw last week. But, in general, hotter than average."
Environment Canada advises residents, during the hotter days, to stay hydrated and takes breaks from being outside.