SPONSORED CONTENT: Many factors go into safety in industrial businesses, and Heartland Coatings can give companies an extra edge.
Troy Warawa is the operations manager for the Fort Saskatchewan company. He worked in the oil and gas industry for about 15 years, first doing oil and gas drilling, then moving on to health and safety work before finally getting into coating in 2019.
"We're applying a coating - a painting, a product - to some piping, to steel structures, to vessels. Things of that nature," he explained. "It's a protective barrier, and it's used mostly to prevent corrosion."
Warawa added this can have several benefits; it can make the structures look more appealing and improve safety since corroding can be a big issue.
They are also able to work in several different industries, like petrochemical industries, paper mills, food production, transportation and more.
"We've opened ourselves up, and we've set up our business to accommodate those types of industry."
One of Heartland Coatings' business models is to give back to the community as much as possible. They enjoy being a part of community events and aim to hire locally as much as possible.
Safety is their other main goal, both in their practice and just general safety for their workers.
"I would say our knowledge or experience in the coating industry, as well as our safe environment, definitely sets us apart," Warawa said. "We were able to pick up some very experienced people, which was really nice."
People can get in contact with Heartland Coatings through their website here.