There are a few things visitors should be aware of if visiting Elk Island National Park this long weekend. 

Firstly, expect the park to be busy. Parking is limited, and to avoid overcrowding in the park people are encouraged to arrive before 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m. When capacity is reached, entrance gates may be closed temporarily.

"Plan what you want to do in advance. Have some backup plans just in case once you get to the park. It's busy, and you need to switch to plan B or plan C. We have lots of great trails as well as lots of great day-use areas," said Regan Coyne, promotions officer at Elk Island National Park. 

With the weather forecast drying up from some rain earlier this week it is important to bring bug spray and quality footwear for any wetland you may discover.

Daily family admission is $16.75. Youth from 6 to 17 years old can enter the park free of charge.

All facilities are open at Elk Island National Park for people to enjoy. 

"One thing to be very careful of is to make sure that you're respecting wildlife anytime you're in nature. At Elk Island, we are very lucky to have lots of wildlife, including bison and bears. That means you need to be very careful to give them space," added Coyne. 

Coyne recommends staying in your car if you see wildlife crossing the road and giving yourself 100 meters of distance if you encounter animals while hiking a trail. Make sure pets are kept on a leash if you're bringing your dogs.

You can bring your own food to eat at the picnic sites.

While you're in the area, other places to visit include Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Recreation Area, Ukrainian Culture and Heritage Village, Strathcona Wilderness Centre and Métis Crossing.

"Come prepared for the weather, come prepared with a plan B and be excited to have lots of fun," said Coyne.

For more information on Elk Island National Park click here.