The City of Fort Saskatchewan has finished it's annual maintenance shutdown for Harbour Pool, so you can swim again!

Harbour Pool has reopened after it's annual maintenance shutdown.

Aquatics Operation Supervisor, Lindsay Pahtra says they performed tasks like cleaning the pool basin, repairing pool pumps and the boilers so the facility runs smoothly to prevent any emergency closures.  Patra adds areas like the pool basin can be cleaned which can't during the year because of water in the pool.

Aquatics Operation Supervisor, Lindsay Patra says they now have more early bird swims.  Patra adds early bird swims are now every weekday instead of 3 days a week, they have a new tarzan rope while the old one got replaced and the dive in movie is on February 6th.

Patra recommends to call (780) 992-6162 or visit the pool to register for the few spaces available in their regular lessons and programs, which have already been open for registration.