The RCMP have a warning for drivers this spring. 

As the weather gets warmer and roads clear, police remind the public of the importance of maintaining safe speeds. Last year, there were 70,580 speeding-related offences within the Alberta RCMP’s jurisdiction. In April 2021 alone, police issued 5,220 speeding tickets to Alberta drivers. 

“According to Alberta Transportation, more than half of all fatal collisions involving unsafe speeds occur in rural areas,” said Inspector Chris Romanchych with Alberta RCMP Traffic Services. 

“We want our communities to feel safe out on our province’s roadways. Speed shouldn’t be the reason a loved one doesn’t make it home.” 

Speeding affects the ability to come to a quick stop in the event of an unexpected traffic hazard. Police ask drivers to give themselves extra time to get to their destinations and be aware of playground and constriction zones. Also, the faster you go, the longer it takes you to stop. 

Changes to photo radar 

The provincial government is restricting the use of photo radar and is putting the onus on municipalities to justify where photo radar can be deployed.  

Beginning this month, the province will adopt a new definition of transition zones, including areas with rapid speed changes, such as highway on and off ramps and highway exits. The province will also prohibit photo radar on residential streets with speeds less than 50 km/h, unless they are school and playground zones or construction zones. 

Double-ticketing within five minutes will be eliminated, and municipalities will be required to provide rationale and data to justify photo radar locations.   

A freeze on automated traffic enforcement implemented in 2019 will be extended until Dec.1, to allow municipalities to implement the changes. The freeze prohibits municipalities from installing new photo radar equipment, upgrading existing photo radar devices or adding new photo radar locations. 

In June, additional measures to address the use of automated traffic enforcement in school and playground zones or construction zones will come into effect. 

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