2012 11 snowystreet
My Snowy Street Photo By Andrew Nakonechny
If you're still shoveling snow from yesterday's winter storm, join the club!  Wow!  Some areas were close to a foot of snow----Quite a bit for 1 day!

The positive about all that snow was the great neighbour's we have in Fort Saskatchewan!  I was out shoveling a bit longer than usual just because we started visiting and helping one another.  It really gave the sense of a family gathering rather than a neighbourhood.  How great is that!  How many other community in Alberta can say that about their town or city?

I even had the opportunity to meet some people on my street that before we were only on the "Friendly Nod Basis".  Now I'm able to say "Hi Dave, Hi Cory" and actually continue a conversation.  I think the snow yesterday just highlighted one of the many reasons we call Fort Saskatchewan Home.

Now I can't wait for the next snowfall but hopefully it won't be the same amount.