Fort Air Partnership, as a member of the Alberta Airsheds Council has been working in collaboration with Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency (AEMERA) to develop a sustainable air monitoring framework for the province in the last two years.
"The Government of Alberta announced AEMERA is going to be dissolved in favor of a new model within Alberta Environment and Parks," executive director, Nadine Blaney explained.
"It will not impact Fort Air Partnership's work directly, since our contracts for funding for the two government stations and our network will continue under Alberta Environment and Parks."
Fort Air Partnership receives funding from the Northeast Capital Industrial Association, Government of Alberta, and Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association.
"The work done to date through the Airsheds still has great value," Blaney continued,  "since the functions of AEMERA and the staff we have been working with closely over the past couple of years will be moving to the new science department being created by the Alberta Environment and Parks".
"Initially AEMERA was an arms length agency of the government and now it's being brought back into the government."
Airsheds and AEMERA also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on March 21, 2016.
"The MOU signified commitments to work together going forward for issues such as province wide monitoring, sustainable funding and clarity on roles and responsibilities in air monitoring and reporting, which still apply and need to be dealt with."
Airsheds continue to operate close to 50 continuous permanent monitoring stations across the province pursuant to Alberta's Air Monitoring Directive.  Airsheds also facilitate the development of regional and community strategies to improve air quality, including by public education and outreach.
All of the data is available, here.