Fort In View Golf Course is open and ready for players to hit the green.

The course reopened on Apr. 28 and has had lots of interest so far this season. Fort In View is a 27-hole facility with three different rotations running, so players get a variety of 18-hole courses to play.

“We did some course improvements over the summer, which enhanced the golf course," Gord Hayward, the general manager of the course, explained.

Improvements made include; work on the cart path, cutting some deadfall trees out and general landscaping to make the course ready for action.

With a variety of leagues for men and ladies to participate in, there is a group for everyone. 

“[People] can expect the same really good service,” said Hayward.

Fort In View runs several tournaments that include local businesses and sporting groups. These tournaments can be booked by calling 780-998-1234 or online.