A local woman is hoping to help out residents of Gibbons and the surrounding area. 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kendra Ball had been noticing many comments on Facebook from people looking for help with basic necessities; such as grocery shopping, prescription pick-up or even just someone to talk to. She decided to launch a website to address these issues. 
The site is called 'Gibbons Helping Each Other,' and connects volunteers with someone in need of support. 
"We've had a lot of people reaching out already, ready and able to help," explained Ball. 
As of noon on Friday (Nov.27), the service had already seen a dozen people volunteer. 
Ball added that, in these times of uncertainty, it's more important to think of the people struggling most – such the elderly, single moms and anyone who may be self-isolating – than to argue over points of view. 
"It was just incredibly disheartening for me, watching people that I know and my friends going back and forth," she said. "Regardless of which side you are on, mask or no mask, we can't ignore the help needed. This is where we need to come together."
Anyone in need of help, or looking to volunteer, can email gibbons.helping.eachother@gmail.com or visit the website