The Gibbons Museum is looking for artifacts of the pandemic.
The idea to begin collecting items came to museum treasurer Katie Mabbutt after noticing a t-shirt of chief medical officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw in a newspaper.
"I saw this in the Journal, so I ordered it, and then I said 'well we should have something' because in 20 years this will be passed, nobody will even think of it."
So far, the museum has collected a mask, some hand sanitizer, Christmas cards featuring a masked Santa Claus, and signs printed off the Alberta government's website for businesses.
"I would really like the signs that they put on the floor. I asked several places, and they had already used them, so I didn't get any."
The museum has seen a shortage of funds recently as they had to remain closed for the 2020 season. Mabbutt said during that time they were able to get a lot of cataloging done and even had a summer student part-time funded through a federal grant.
"Every Wednesday, we came down here, for the whole summer," she said. "If anybody came we let them go through, just on their own. Left the doors open, and they went through."
Other projects keeping the museum busy is a quilt they put together in honour of their 40th anniversary. In 2019, residents were able to buy a square to write on for the quilt, which is now hanging in the museum.
Mabbut hopes the museum can open this season and looks forward to the children visiting. She hopes this year people will get more involved with the museum in general.
"There are lots of people in town who say, 'oh, I've been here 17 years, I didn't even know this was here.' There are five big buildings and they didn't even know it was here. I can't believe it. But they work in the city. They drive out in the morning and drive out at night."
Anyone who wishes to donate to the Gibbons Museum can contact them directly.