A local hockey team is celebrating becoming NJHL champions. 

The Gibbons Junior C Broncos clinched the league title after a 1-0 shutout against first place Beaumont Buccaneers on Saturday (Mar.19). The Broncos finished third overall in the regular season, with 16 wins and four losses. 

However, the celebrations will be short-lived as the Broncos prepare for the provincials coming up this weekend, according to team forward Blake Krachkowski. 

"We got a lot of hockey to play this weekend. We're pretty excited," he said.  

Krachkowski, a four-year veteran of the Broncos, hopes the team will continue to gain momentum and land another championship. He added this season's Broncos have a lot of chemistry on and off the ice, as most of them have been playing together for years. 

"Some of the guys, it was our first year playing with them, and we all get along, and we play hard and play for each other."  

He also noted the community's support for the Broncos, adding that walking around town and hearing people talk about their games is "pretty special".

The Broncos will play their first game in Sherwood Park Friday at 9:15 p.m. against the Springbank Rockies.  

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