The Member of Parliament for Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan says the Trudeau Government doesn't understand how important the energy sector is for our economy.

Garnett Genuis explains "He finds it troubling in spite of much fanfare around a new National Energy Board process, Trudeau is not even willing to commit to approve a pipeline that goes through his expanded process."  "Businesses I've talked to in our area, across the Province and Country, are looking for market access but also at the very least some level of certainty and confidence in the process." "We're getting mixed messages from the Government." "We've got a Government that on the one hand announced a new much more onerous (difficult) process, but on the other hand they haven't even given the business community confidence they will approve infrastructure proposals that make it through their process."

Genuis concludes "What we need right now is a shovel ready economic stimulus program funded by the private sector in the form of pipeline infrastructure."

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