It's not the snow's fault, but summer blend gas is on its way out.
As of September 15, gas stations in Canada are no longer allowed to sell summer blend gasoline and must switch to winter stock.
"Winter blend uses propane butane," said Dan McTeague, senior petroleum analyst with Gas Buddy. "In the summer they want to remove things that ignite easily, so your butane's and certain types of propane they don't want to be using."
The winter blend gas does lower fuel economy slightly, but mainly helps vehicles start in frigid Canadian winters.
"The summer blends are not needed as temperatures drop, so it does make things a little less expensive for consumers," added McTeague. "We could see a decrease of about three cents per litre."
Summer blend fuel is more expensive to produce and motorists feel the pinch in the spring.
According to McTeague, it's costing retailers about $1.19 per litre to buy gasoline in the region.