The Fort Heritage Precinct held their first Easter scavenger hunt on Sunday (Apr. 2) afternoon.

By the time the Fort Heritage Precinct opened their doors, the line had grown to the parking lot of the Warden's House.

The free event involved a search where kids were given a list of images, and they had to count how many of them were hidden throughout the precinct. Once they finished, they got a prize and some snacks.

There was also a place for crafts where kids could make bunnies out of cotton.

"My favourite part was finding them all," said nine-year-old Zoey. "I loved it."

This was the Fort Heritage Precinct's first time trying out an Easter hunt, and programs coordinator Stephanie Huolt said they weren't expecting that many people.

"About 130 pre-registered for the event, that's more pre-registrations than we've ever had." 

An hour into the event, they had already begun to run out of scavenger hunt sheets and prizes, but luckily someone was able to get more.

Huolt said it was great to see such a major turnout.

"I'm glad that people are excited about it," said Huolt. "We'll definitely want to do it again next year."