Mayor Gale Katchur is running for her fourth term as mayor.
Katchur has lived in Fort Saskatchewan since 1990, starting off in administration until she was elected as a city councillor in 2007.
She was then elected as mayor in 2010 and has held the position ever since. Katchur is the second woman to be mayor of Fort Saskatchewan, after Muriel Abdurahman.
"For the past 11 years, I have really taken the time to listen, to connect with our community and move our community forward. When I hear people say there is no other place they want to live than in Fort Saskatchewan because of the warmth and the feel of it, I know I'm doing the right job," she said. "It's an honour to serve as mayor of Fort Saskatchewan."
With the municipal election approaching, Katchur decided to run for mayor again because she believes the city needs stable, experienced leadership to recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and the economic challenges the city has faced over the last year.
As she already has developed relationships with many leaders and ministers in the province, she believes this will also give her an edge when lobbying on behalf of Fort Saskatchewan if any regulatory changes are introduced.
"I am a dynamic leader. I have progressed our city in the last 11 years with amenities that our community is looking for," Katchur stated. "It takes a leader with a vision to know to provide the quality of life that our citizens are looking for. That includes investing in facilities and new programs."
If re-elected, one of Katchur's main goals is to get a handle on the 10-25 year capital plan. She noted there are many projects residents have been asking for for several years, and she wants to start moving these projects forward.
Some big projects started during her time as mayor she would like to see finished, like the twinning of the Highway 15 bridge.
The Fort Saskatchewan municipal election is on Oct.18.