Andrew Nakonechny with Denise Pankiw and one of her co-workers with the Free Food From the Funky Mango Food Truck. Photo By Tony Stacey.

Another hungry staff satisfied!

Wednesday's Free Food Giveaway winner went to the Staff at Sherritt Technologies office.  Thanks to Denise Pankiw, whom sent in the nomination:

"I'd like to put our group of 7 on the list for a free lunch from the wonderful Funky Mango Truck.  Nevermind that Maxine & Harold serve up a delicious lunch...that's a given! Some of us plant gardens at work (in the back of our building in the industrial park) so we have to go out most days and weed and/or water our gardens to maintain them so we don't get a chance to leave here.  It would be awesome to come back in after our gardening session to a wonderfully cooked meal made by the talented crew at Funky Mango."

Next Wednesday we'll have another Funky Mango Food Truck draw.  Tell us why you and your co-workers deserve FREE Food and you'll have the opportunity to be fed by the Funky Mango Food Truck!

Send in your nomination email to