Chrystal Glass Staff with Maxine from the Funky Mango Food Truck and Mix 107 Morning Host, Andrew Nakonechny. Photo By Aaron Marko

It was FREE Food Wednesday with the Funky Mango Food Truck and another giveaway of a Free Lunch! 

Our winners were the staff from Chrystal Glass, nominated by Lisa Morin.  This is what Lisa had to say:

"Good Morning Funky Mango and Mix!!

I am sending this entry for the TGIF lunch on behalf of the Crystal Glass employees.  My husband is the manager of the shop, but I didn't think he would send in an entry even though they are right across the
street from the truck.  He often comments on what wonderful food and specials that you have.  I know that the boys work very hard and would greatly appreciate a surprise lunch from you.

Thank you for accepting this entry, I know that the last draw is on the 30th of August!
Lisa Morin

PS.  Love your food as well, keep up the great work!   My favourite is the mushroom burger, yum!"

Congratulations and we hope you enjoyed Lunch!

Next week we'll have another draw and free lunch to giveaway.

To qualify, email the reason why you and your staff deserve a free lunch.