A fundraiser has been set up to support the victims of an overnight fire on Boxwood Bend on Friday (May 5). 

The fire completely destroyed three houses while also damaging the side of another. 

As a show of support, the Fort Falcons football club organized a GoFundMe to help out the families affected by the tragedy. 

"My coaching director was just down the street and recognized right away that one of the families that was affected was another board member of ours," said Lawrence McMath, the president of Fort Saskatchewan minor football. 

"Right away we started brainstorming what's the best way to do this and how we can help these three families. The GoFundMe is the easiest way to do it and get immediate action." 

They have started the fundraiser with a $10,000 goal in mind and will be splitting up all the funds equally between the three families. 

To donate to the GoFundMe, click here