New findings from the 2021 Canadian census have shed some light on the people who call Fort Saskatchewan home. 

The community has shown some decent population growth, moving from 24,169 in 2016 to 27,088 in 2022, an increase of 12 per cent. Yet, the most interesting results were the languages in which those people spoke. 

English was the most popular language with 24,080 reporting it as their mother tongue.

The question as to what the second most popular language in the community might seem obvious at first, French is the other official language in Canada, but the results are closer than you might think. 

The census reported that 490 people in Fort Saskatchewan consider French as their mother tongue while Tagalog, most often spoken in the Philippines, is right behind with 470. Tagalog surpasses French when it comes to languages spoken most often at home, with 265 reporting Tagalog and140 reporting French. 

When it comes to knowledge of each language, 1,495 reported knowing French while 790 knew Tagalog. 

Some other interesting things that the census notes: 

  • 170 people report German as their mother tongue
  • 150 people report Ukrainian as their mother tongue 
  • 110 people report Spanish as their mother tongue
  • 95 people report Punjabi as their mother tongue

These fascinating results are a testament to the diverse population in the community. The census can be viewed in full HERE.