Staff from James Mowat with their delicious smelling food from the Funky Mango Food Truck. Photo by Andrew Nakonechny

Staff from James Mowat Elementary School were treated to lunch Wednesday as part of the FREE FOOD giveaway with the Funky Mango Food Truck!

Carole Bossert nominated the staff saying:

"Our staff deserves to win because we have worked hard all year! We’ve seen many positive things happen over this year and I am VERY proud to be part of this staff.  I sure hope we win as we are all busy doing report cards, planning field trips, planning school fun days and getting all the paperwork done to complete this year…….and we just don’t have time to make our lunches the way the Funky Mango Food Truck would!!"

Congratulations and hope you enjoyed the FREE FOOD!

If you want to qualify for the FREE Food giveaway, email with why you and your staff deserve to enjoy the FREE FOOD!!