Bon Accord has a flock of sheep of its own.

Environmentally friendly lawnmowers have been brought to Bon Accord's brand new solar farm to help keep the grass surrounding the panels nice and tidy. A total of 31 sheep from the Morinville Hutterite colony are helping to landscape the four acres.
“Back when the solar farm was constructed in August of 2020, the contractor had suggested it,” said Ken Reil, existing operations manager for the town.
Reil added the sheep are not only more environmentally friendly than traditional methods, but they also save the town time and labour as their only involvement with trimming the grass at the solar farm is occasionally hauling water for the sheep.
People are welcome to view the sheep from a distance; however, nobody is allowed in the enclosure the sheep are in. Two herding dogs protect the sheep and aren’t keen on strangers in the enclosure.
The sheep will remain at the farm until at least October.