Wetland conservation in the Fort area remains a key goal for Ducks Unlimited (DU).
Within a 100 kilometre radius of Fort Saskatchewan, DU has invested $36-million in conserving 175,000 acres of land.

DU focuses on habitat enhancement and bringing back wetlands (that have been drained) for nesting birds and other animals.
The group is well-known for planting grass and trees in their conservation areas.
"Wetlands, in farmland areas especially, will take some of those phosphates from the fertilizer and they will be held within the plants in a wetland," said Mark Desroches manager of events and volunteer relations with DU. "They remove some of the phosphates from the water prior to it going down into the water table for us to drink."
Acting like big sponges, Wetlands can mitigate and help prevent floods. Wetlands also store carbon by taking it out of the air.
Fort Saskatchewan's closest wetland is the Southeast Weaver Project.
DU will be hosting their 33rd annual fundraising dinner on April 7 at the DCC. All money raised goes towards future projects and restoring wetlands in the Fort Saskatchewan area.