Jude White is the winner of April's Half Grand Helping Hand, courtesy of South Fort Chevrolet and MIX 107.

Jude is a Grade 5 student at Southpointe School with an autism spectrum disorder. His trivia knowledge of Disney and cinema has his classmates and teachers amazed.

His mother, Tanya, said that he can recite the actors, dates, and even production companies with every Disney film.

"He's gone through different phases of how involved he is, but Pixar and Walt Disney Animations were some of the first words he ever spelled," said Tanya. "He started writing these out before he even talked."

The aspiring filmmaker was given a green screen and cash. 

"I was speechless. This is just something we weren't expecting at all," said Tanya. 

Jude was joined by his family, classmates, and teachers at SouthPointe School as they surprised him on his way back from recess.

"He's using his iPad a lot right now just to make movies around the house," said Tanya. "So, to have a green screen, his imagination can just go wild. It will be amazing."

Jude has a dream to one day work at Disney.