A new amendment to a traffic bylaw could see tickets handed out for noisy vehicles.

“Council has heard many times over the years how excessive noise affects the quality of life and the ability to enjoy one’s own property with their family and friends," said mayor Gale Katchur. "Excessive noise can also create conflict between neighbours."

"Council approved the new Bylaw to give our enforcement agencies the tools they need to resolve the issue."

Traffic Bylaw C17-22 was approved back in December to help regulate these noises.

In the bylaw, disturbing noise is described as any sound or volume of noise caused by or emanating from a motor vehicle that annoys or disturbs people or endangers health and safety.

These noises include:

  • The revving of an internal combustion engine
  • The squealing of tires
  • Loud acceleration
  • Loud roaring or explosive sounds
  • Sounds from a radio, stereo, television, or other device within the motor vehicle
  • Any sound that exceeds sound levels of 92 decibels (dba) or more as measured by a sound.

However, the city says that education is their priority for the next few weeks. For those who are unsure whether their vehicle will exceed the noise decibel limit, testing will be available at the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP building on May 18 and June 15 from 3 to 8 p.m.

"No need to book an appointment, just go in and ask for the test,” said Sgt Richard Pratch with municipal enforcement.

Those caught repeatedly breaking the bylaw could be ticketed for up to $500.