The city of Fort Saskatchewan released a few updates regarding construction work going on in the community. 

Here is what to expect from construction crews around the city in the next few months: 

Highway 15 bridge: 

Things remain the same for construction on the Highway 15 bridge. Crews will begin paving the trails underneath the bridge sometime in the spring. People who walk around the area should expect some trail closures. 

JRC modernization:

The JRC will be getting modernized. Both an architect and a construction manager have been selected to work on the project. They are currently developing concept designs. 

104 Street:

Work will begin in the spring on 104 Street from 99 Ave to 100 Ave to replace water, sewer, and road infrastructure. They have just completed design work on the project. 

Lowe Ave:

Construction to replace water, sewer, and road infrastructure on Lowe Ave from Jubilee Drive to O'Brien Drive has progressed smoothly. Concrete work on phase two of the project has been completed. 

Landscape work will be completed in the spring. 

Range Road 224 culvert:

Range Road 224 has successfully had the culvert at the Yorkville Ditch replaced. The road is now completely open with the remaining landscape and paving work to be done in the spring. 

Southfort Meadows: 

There has been a bit of a delay in the construction of a new outdoor skating rink in Southfort Meadows. Boards were supposed to be installed this month, but they will now be done sometime in February. 

The foundation for the support building has been completed. It's expected that masonry block work will begin any day now. 

Transfer Station: 

Both phases of the transfer station are now done construction. People using the station can expect to utilize a new scale, elevated disposal areas for garbage, metal, and bulky waste, and new compactors. 

Work will continue on the site over the winter, but it is not expected to limit access to the station.