A shop in downtown Fort Saskatchewan has an intricate display of Canadian military memorabilia for Remembrance Day. 

Twice but Nice, located on 102nd Street, finished setting up the display just after Halloween.

The display features military uniforms, photographs, books, and poppies strewn throughout.

Carmen Randell, manager of Twice but Nice, says that this is their first year with a display of this scope.

"There are some vintage [photos], there are some recent [photos], and so it's not something that the public has access to, especially the ones from the fifties," 

Many of the photos were provided by board members and volunteers with Twice but Nice. Randell's own husband provided one of the images of a soldier riding a 1915 Harley Davidson motorcycle after the war. 

The military uniforms hold a bit more mystery in where they come from. 

"They have been living in our basement," said Randell. "I do have a staff member who has been here for 25 years, and she says they've been here since before she's been here. 

"They were donated, and we can't sell them, and don't feel like it would be right to sell them."  

Remembrance Day is a day typically reserved for those who served in the military, but Randell wants to recognize everyone involved in sacrificing for the greater good. 

"We just want to show our respect and appreciation for everyone that served. And not just the military members, but the families, because if they didn't have the family support, it would have been a lot harder," Randell said. "It's a tall ask for the families to be apart from their loved ones."

The display will be in the windows until Remembrance Day next Friday (Nov. 11). 

The items displayed are not for sale.