Since its formation in 1899, a lot has happened in Fort Saskatchewan. From the hanging of Swift Runner to the 1955 prison riot, there's tons of local lore.

This gallery is to show scenes of old Fort Saskatchewan compared to how these areas look today.

Before: The road to the Provincial Gaol (Undated)

The road to the provincial gaol.

After: 100 Avenue

100 Avenue

Believe it or not, where the old fort stands today used to be the home of a huge provincial prison. For a long time, the facility shop of the prison used to stand before being demolished in the mid-2010s. This is where Robert Raymond Cook was executed.

Before: The Brant Hotel (1956)

The Brant Hotel.

After: The Brant Hotel 

​​The Brant Hotel.

Almost seventy years later and the Brant Hotel looks relatively unchanged from how it did when it was first built, with the exception of some windows and new signage.

Before: Fort Hotel (1956)

The Fort Hotel.

After: The Bears Den

The Bears Den

Originally called the Queens Hotel until it was destroyed in a fire, the Fort Hotel stood strong for over fifty years before being demolished in a blaze itself back in 2008.

Before: CN Tracks (Undated)

CN Station.

After: 99 Avenue

99 Avenue.

This local landmark once served as the border of Fort Saskatchewan before the evolving village built itself around the station. Now, the train tracks are no longer in service.

Before: Dennis Avenue (1915) 

Dennis Avenue.

After: 100 Avenue

100 Avenue.

A view of a Fort Saskatchewan road before cars were commonplace, you can spot the old fire hall on the far right, which is still standing today. You can also see hitching stands in front of buildings, which were used for horses. 

Before: Main Street (Undated)

Main Street

After: 102 Street

102 Street.

With the old Queens Hotel on the far left, this was one of the busiest streets in old Fort Saskatchewan, crowded with cars and residents alike.