Roger MacMillan has run more marathons than most people can imagine.

The Fort Saskatchewan local has been running marathons since 2006.

He said it started when a man he worked with kept coming in wearing shirts he received from running events. MacMillan wanted to have one, so he joined a 10km in Rundle Park.

"It was my first race, and it just about killed me. But I was hooked," he said.

After spending a lot of time training, he ran his first marathon in Vancouver. Now, he's run a total of 115 at over 80-years-old.

When looking back at all of his runs, one of MacMillan's favourites is the marathon in the Yakima River Canyon in Washington State, and he's run it 13 times.

He also really values the friends that he's made through the running community, including Sherwood Park's Ken Davison, who recently completed his 117th marathon.

"We've been friends for probably 20 years," said MacMillan. "I met him at a marathon, it was probably Edmonton. So we've been friends ever since."

MacMillan tries to run with people whenever he does marathons. He explained he would find someone going at about the same pace and chat with them as they go, which helps pass the time.

He also makes sure to stop at every water station and thank the volunteers since they allow him to do what he loves, and they dedicate a lot of time to it.

"A lot of those volunteers are out on the course longer than the runners because they usually out on their position half an hour before the race starts, and they have to be there at the very last runner goes past. So some of them are out there seven or eight hours."

He hasn't done any marathons since the pandemic began. However, if his health allows it, he hopes to do some more in the future.