The city of Fort Saskatchewan has revamped its fire response map. 

As part of an effort to update the city's fire master plan, a new map has been revealed that shows the local fire department's 10-minute response capabilities. 

"It's a map that shows the areas of the city which would include a response time from the fire department within 10 minutes," said Craig Thomas, the director of planning and development with the city. 

"This is basically from when the call comes into the [fire] station to the time a vehicle arrives on site and is capable of beginning fire suppression activities." 

This new map is a more comprehensive look at how local firefighters are able to navigate the city and does include some changes from the previous map. 

"The information we had before indicated that there were no developed areas that were outside of a 10-minute response time," said Thomas. "As new information came to light and we applied the standards that are set out by the code, we had to accept the most recent information."

"Based on that, there are some areas that are outside of that 10-minute response time." 

The city has already updated its building code for any new construction on projects happening outside of that response area. The new standards require the following: 

  • Non-combustible siding (minor exceptions apply)
  • No side yard windows
  • Installing sprinklers
  • and/or larger side yard setbacks

The purpose of those standards is to stop the spread of any potential fires. 

Thomas says that people who currently live outside the response area should not worry. 

"Those areas that are outside [the map] are not that far outside, so it may take 30 seconds or a minute more [for fire services to arrive]. Residents don't need to be concerned if they are outside that area." 

However, the city does say that it wouldn't be a bad idea for property owners outside of the response area to chat with the building inspector to find out the best course of action. 

"If somebody is concerned, get in touch with the city, maybe have a conversation with the building inspector," said Thomas. "Maybe the property owner might want to consider doing some upgrades, but it may not be necessary." 

 You can find the full map below: 

fire services map