After successfully spending most of the last two months clearing residential streets of snow, Fort Saskatchewan has released the number of vehicles that they had to tow. 

The number that is most surprising is the number of verbal warnings that Fort Saskatchewan Municipal Enforcement had to issue. 

In the timeframe between December 1 and February 1, there was a total of 332 verbal warnings issued to people who had vehicles blocking snow routes. 

Luckily, these warnings seemed to be effective as only 33 tickets were issued in that timeframe, with 25 vehicles being towed. 

This is up slightly from 2022 when 20 tickets were issued. 

MaryJo Webster, with municipal enforcement, told last month that they try to exhaust every possible option before moving ahead with ticketing and towing. 

"When a vehicle is left on a snow route, we make every attempt to call the owner," said Webster. "[We] conduct door knocks and inquire with neighbours if possible."

Drivers who are unable to be contacted to remove their vehicle from a snow route risk having to pay a hefty $250 fine.