Lacrosse season is in full swing. 

This is the first post-COVID-19 season for the Fort Saskatchewan Rebels, and they're looking to build off their pre-pandemic success. The Juniors were coming off two Northern Division championships and were one goal short of going to Nationals in 2019. After an absent 2020 season, the Rebels played a brief exhibition season in 2021 where they made the playoffs.

"We're coming out not having played for a couple of years; we've got a ton of new faces. In fact, we have very few returning [players], and we have a really young team this year," explained Dave McGarva with the Rebels. 

"We've got one graduating player this year, four graduating next year, so the bulk of our team has got a number of years to wear the Rebels uniform." 

Another recent addition to the organization is the brand-new Senior Rebels team, according to McGarva. An Edmonton lacrosse team was using the Fort as their home base, and because they loved it so much, they decided to make the city their home and become another branch of the Rebels franchise.  

"It's been tremendous. They play a much shorter schedule; they've only got five games. We've just completed two, but if you want to see literally the best lacrosse in Alberta, it's an amazing skill set they have on the floor." 

Looking to build on their existing fanbase, the Rebels are inviting the community to a double-header event at the JRC on June 18. The Juniors and Seniors will play with games at 2:30, and 5:30 p.m. McGarva noted the games are very affordable for families looking to take in the action at $5 per ticket. 

"Get a burger, get some fries, maybe go have a pop in the beer gardens and just have a fun day." 

St. Andre Bissette's broadcast program has been highly supportive of the Rebels this season, with students covering each game. People from all over have tuned in to check out games, some as far as Pennsylvania, which McGarva believes to be NCAA coaches.