The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP is pleased with the changes coming to local speed limits.

On Monday (May 16), some speed limits will be going up, and others will be going down in the city. The changes were made in consultation with the RCMP to ensure they meet the needs of the general public while maintaining the safety of vulnerable road users.

According to RCMP Constable Lauren Mowbray, the changes will not affect day-to-day RCMP operations but should help reduce calls for issues on the road.

"Decreasing speeds in residential areas where you are most likely to find vulnerable road users, specifically children, will give motorists more time to scan the environment ahead should they need to take evasive action," she explained.

She added reducing speed limits by 10 km/h should also result in fewer serious injuries when collisions happen.

On the other side, increasing certain speed limits is more in line with larger municipalities. They are hoping this will create better traffic flow during the busier hours.

"The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP are strong supporters of the city’s decision to change the speed limits within the city," said Mowbray.

The new default limit in Fort Saskatchewan will be 40km/h. This will affect unmarked residential roads and the downtown core. Highway 15 east of 119 Street is set to increase to 80 km/hr, and some of Fort Saskatchewan's busier roads are rising to 60km/h.

There will be a 30-day grace period after the new speed limits are introduced.