The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP is warning residents about a new type of scam. 

Constable Lauren Mowbray says the local detachment has been receiving more calls about something called a 'nanny scam'. 

"We’ve seen an influx of calls recently with a new scam going around, but using the same old tactics," said Mowbray. 

This scam involves someone pretending to be a part of a family that is seeking a nanny. Once they hire an unsuspecting victim, the scammer will ask the nanny to shop for various household supplies as the scammer claims their family is moving into the area. 

The scammer will provide a cheque to the victim that exceeds the amount needed for the items. The victim will be told to transfer the difference in funds to the scammer's bank account, where the scammer will then pocket the money and leave the victim on the hook for the bounced cheque. 

RCMP wants to remind residents to remain aware of these types of scams and to protect themselves from scammers seeking to put them in potentially vulnerable situations. 

If you are unsure of whether or not you are being targeted by a scam, visit the Government of Canada’s website to learn about common scam types.