The City of Fort Saskatchewan is considering putting in some upgrades to the iconic water tower. 

In the latest round of deliberations for the 2023 budget, an initiative was proposed to the city to help clarify the tower's future and to potentially add a few features to help modernize the structure. 

Assessments on the structural, mechanical, and exterior coating of the tower are recommended as well as two separate estimates of its lifespan (one that assumes it stays operational and one that assumes it has been decommissioned). 

The recommendations also included an estimate of the cost of removing the tower and the value of the steel. 

The tower has undergone two recent assessments in the past decade, one in 2016 and another in 2017, and no significant concerns were raised. 

Apart from the more technical proposals, the plan also includes some more decorative features to be added. 

The most significant cosmetic feature being considered is programmable lights that could change colour similar to the lights seen on Edmonton's High-Level Bridge. 

Deliberations on the budget are ongoing and will continue into next week, so these proposals and recommendations are subject to change.