Not everyone is happy with how some recent snow clearing went in Fort Saskatchewan.

The city came around to clear the roads in the Westpark neighbourhood on Thursday (Mar.17). According to resident Erick Bennet, he went outside after the snowplows had passed and noticed his neighbours trying to move huge pieces of ice from in front of their driveways.

"I looked at the end of my driveway and there was a drop off from where the ice was to where the bottom of the street is now. My neighbour and I measured it, it was eight inches."

This was unacceptable to Bennet, who added he is very frustrated by the whole situation.

"How do I get out of my driveway? I don't have a big truck," he said. "If I were to drive over that, I could damage my car."

Bennet said he reached out to the city to see if they could do something about it but was unsuccessful.

"Our road team has cleared snow and ice on city streets over the last two weeks, to the asphalt where possible to help with transportation and drainage.  This, unfortunately, leaves at times an ice ridge at the end of driveways," said the city in response. "Residents are responsible for snow and ice control on their driveways."

Due to the warm weather, the ice has now mostly melted.

A tape measure that shows a slab of ice on a driveway is eight inches.Erick Bennet and his neighbour measured the block of ice left in front of their driveways and found it was eight inches. Photo supplied.