Joe Nolan has made his mark on the blues world.
Nolan, born and raised in Fort Saskatchewan, won runner up for a prize at the Maple Blues Awards in Toronto on Monday (Feb.3).
"They're basically Canada's [Juno Awards] strictly for blues artists. They're held in Toronto every year and they celebrate Canada's established and up and coming blue artists," he explained. 
He was inches from winning the Cobalt Songwriting Award, given to people who push the boundaries of blues songwriting. 

"Blues can be very simple but also very complicated. It could be doing something different like putting in some really unique instruments or just different forms or maybe it's the production of the song."
About two years prior, he placed first for the prize.
Nolan added even though he didn't leave with the first place prize, he did take home $250 and the honor of being considered.
Next for the local artist, he's going overseas for his tour across eastern Europe, where he'll perform 23 shows in 24 days.