A Fort Saskatchewan murder trial has been pushed back.

Damien Starrett is currently facing charges for the death of his one-year-old son Ares and the assault of his daughter, who was five at the time.

His defence claims that Starrett was asleep when he attacked his children and is pursuing a 'not criminally responsible' action, which could result in Starrett being sent to a psychiatric hospital instead of being criminally convicted.

The defence wrapped up its case on Apr. 7 after speaking to Starrett, his ex-girlfriend and several doctors and pharmacists.

Closing arguments for the defence and prosecution were scheduled for Friday (Apr. 22). However, due to COVID-19, it has been adjourned to June 3.

A jury was initially going to be delivering the verdict, but they were dismissed a few weeks into the trial and determining a verdict will now fall to the judge.