How many lost pets did Fort Saskatchewan municipal enforcement take in last year? 

One of the responsibilities of the animal control unit in the city is to take in pets that are deemed to be lost, which mostly consist of dogs and cats. 

"We have an animal care facility just next to the RCMP detachment," said Maryjo Webster, a community peace officer. "We will scan the animal to see if it has any identification, such as a collar with a tag and phone number on it, a city license, or if it has a microchip or tattoo in its ear." 

"If we are unsuccessful that way, we will take a photo of the animal and post it on our Fort Saskatchewan Animal Control Facebook page, which we have been very successful with." 

If an animal is not reunited with their family after every effort has been taken, animal control will then look to find a more permanent shelter to send them. 

Last year proved to be busy when it came to lost pets. 

"We had a total of 80 dogs in our care and control, some of those went to the Edmonton Humane Society if they weren't claimed and then the other ones were reunited with their families," said Webster. 

"For cats, we had 67."

When it comes to actually issuing tickets for animals at large, there wasn't much. 

"Last year we only issued 15 tickets for dogs at large, and issued 77 warnings," said Webster. "We always like to go about the route of education and do the warnings before we get to ticketing." 

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