A group of Fort Saskatchewan kids raised thousands of dollars for the victims of the fires on Boxwood Bend.

On May 5 and 6, the kids set up their lemonade stand in the same neighbourhood as the blaze. 

"[My son] wanted to set up a lemonade stand to give the remaining first responders and investigators free lemonade because it was so hot out," said Melanie Redfearn, whose son Lukas spearheaded the idea.

"We then decided that because there was so much traffic, we should do it for donations to the families."

Lemonade wasn't all the kids were offering, they also had cookies and candy. 

The kids got the attention of Bullying Enns, a motorcycle club dedicated to increasing awareness of bullying and its effects among children.

In the two days the stand was active, the boys raised over $3,000 for the families that lost their homes in the fire.

"The families came out and were overwhelmed by seeing the support from the community," added Redfearn. 

The Fort Falcons Football Club has set up a fundraiser for the families involved, which can be found here

The City of Fort Saskatchewan also indicated that donations for the families can be made to Red Cross and Twice But Nice.